May 04

3 Useful Tips to Choose the Right Windows for Home’s Exterior

The headline of the article may seem to be weird, because we got accustomed to the fact that windows look the same on the outside and inside of the house. However, winnows experts from Guelph clarify this fact saying that today you can order windows that will have different appearance on the sides in order to match your style preferences. Windows in general can either complement and complete the appeal of your house on either side, or completely destroy the whole charm. Professionals explain that the greatest advantage of fiberglass windows is that when choosing them there is no need to sacrifice energy efficiency to the visual appeal or vice versa. Fiberglass windows options on Guelph market today have a great variety of choices in terms of colors, styles, shapes, sizes, and some extras such as grilles. Read the article below to make your new fiberglass windows an indispensable part of your home’s style.


The range of architectural styles of the houses in Guelph is huge and each of them transforms any house once applied. For example, if you plan to remake your house and you prefer modern designs, then you need to know that modern implies large fixed windows to create glass walls. On the other hand, traditional homes regularly have standard size windows Guelph experts say, such as casements, double hung windows and a couple of awning windows here and there.

Exterior color

Depending on the style of your house and the dominating color you need to choose the color for your new windows. With fiberglass you can choose different colors for different parts of your house so that they will ideally complement interior and exterior designs. A great addition to the benefits of fiberglass windows, according to Guelph professionals, is that fiberglass is covered with special baked on paint finish, which means that the problems with peeling or chipping paint can be forgotten. Moreover, windows maintenance will no longer include re-painting process. Today there us no problem in choosing the appropriate color for your project as by mixing classic colors you can get any dye shade you need.

Extras: Grilles and Transoms

We got accustomed to the idea that grills are used only to raise security level of the house and transoms are only for extra ventilation. But windows professionals from Guelph explain that today such things have changed. Now a lot of people use these windows extras in order to make them look more beautiful and creative. Most frequently grilles are installed to complement traditional style in houses with small windows, however these additions can be applied to large windows in order to “break” their size. Transoms are common to add some mystery to the front doors and large windows for any home style.

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